Fans, loved ones pay tribute to Mitchell Guist

‘Swamp People’ beloved cast member Mitchell Guist died after a fall on his boat on may 14. Reports state that Mitchell, 47, was working on a houseboat when a seizure caused him to collapse in the Intercoastal Waterway in New Orleans.

After the sad incident, millions of Swamp People fans all over the world expressed their love and support for the Guist family through messages left on Swamp People’s Facebook page. Tributes and messages like “You will be missed” poured down the fan page. Prayers and condolences were also sent to Mitchell’s family.

Mitchell Guist was part of the hit reality TV show Swamp People. The show attracted millions of fans for its depiction of the Louisiana bayou through the eyes of the native Cajuns who inhabit the area.

Mitchell was in an alligator-hunting team with his brother Glenn. The Swamp People duo has gained the Swamp People fans’ admiration through their strong bond and teamwork. Viewers watched out for the brothers’ simple way of living while fans loved the brothers’ high jinks in Swamp People week after week. “I always loved watching the Guist Brothers! You could tell they had a very close relationship,” one fan wrote.

The sudden departure of the Swamp People star has left many uncertain about Glenn’s participation in the show. Swamp People executive producer Brian Catalina said that their main concern now is Glenn’s well-being.

Meanwhile Glenn plans to honor Mitchell by fulfilling the latter’s dream. Glenn is set to start working on his brother’s dream houseboat after the funeral services.


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“Swamp People” Android app a big hit

If you enjoy watching the reality episodes of Swamp People on the History Channel, you’ll definitely love this new app available for download on your android phones. Swamp People follows the story of real gator hunters as they traverse the dangerous waters looking for these beautiful beasts. The Swamp People app lets you experience your very own bayou adventure deep in the heart of Louisiana’s oldest swamp. You will enjoy a lot of exciting features, such as:
Your own campsite, customizable
Your own character, customizable
Upgrades for your boat and your choice of weapons
Upgrades for your choice of traps
Bait-and-catch strategy
Up to 6 kinds of alligators, varying in size as well as aggressiveness
Dual analog control options
Artificial Intelligence – allows for racing and competition against other AI swamp people

Race through the marshlands, hunt massive gators and compete against others to become the king of the swamp people. You can enjoy this exciting game on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, too. Users have given this app an average rating of 4 stars. The latest version of the game is optimized with lots of bug fixes and an increased level cap. You can build and modify your campsite, master and upgrade your boats, set traps for crocs and come back to claim your prize. Find the biggest gators in these inhospitable marshes and wetlands and compete with other swamp people for the most alligators hauled.

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‘Swamp People’ star Troy Landry reacts on Florida alligator attack

An alligator attack left a 17-year old boy with a severed right arm earlier this week. Swamp People fan Kaleb Langdale was attacked by an 11-foot long alligator while swimming in a river with his friends. Despite losing half of his right arm, Langdale is positive and glad that he survived the attack with the help of things he learned from watching History Channel’s hit reality series Swamp People.

Swamp People is a reality/documentary cable TV program that features the everyday life of several alligator hunters in the Louisiana bayou. Vicious alligators like the one that attacked Langdale are very common in the world of Swamp People. Swamp People fans are treated with close alligator encounters and the Swamp People stars’ bold hunting maneuvers each week.

Apparently, these Swamp People scenario have helped the Florida teen escape the massive force of the 11-foot long alligator. After sacrificing his right arm, he managed to call for help, swim to the shore, and control his arm’s bleeding.

Even though authorities say that alligator attacks are not unusual during the mating season, Swamp People star Troy Landry believes that Langdale was attacked because the alligator must have been hungry that time. However, the Swamp People star still believes that Langdale was fortunate because he only lost half an arm when “he could’ve lost his life.”

The Swamp People star also expressed his hope that attacks like this won’t happen a lot. “I hope I’m never in that predicament where I have to decide whether to save my life, but alligators are wild animals; they are very dangerous,” he said.


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Swamp People star gets over heart scare

One of the most beloved stars in the hit American cable program Swamp People was reported to have undergone a serious health scare that threatened to prevent him from continuing on the show’s third season. The Swamp People star is no other than the hunting dog Tyler, hunter Bruce Mitchell’s most beloved sidekick.

Tyler was rushed to the veterinary in January due to heart illnesses. A Swamp People representative told TMZ that the lovable hunting dog had to be rushed to the emergency medical care because of heart troubles. Some reports even say that the Swamp People dog “almost died.”

However, doubts about whether or not the dog will be able to join Swamp People Season 3 are now gone as doctors were able to treat Tyler’s illness. It is now confirmed that Tyler is back in action and will join Bruce in the boat this coming alligator hunting season. The Swamp People hunting dog just needs to rest and take heart medicines before going heading to the swamp.

Swamp People is a reality-documentary TV series shown in History Channel. It revolves around the traditions of the local swamp people living along the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana, the largest swamp in America. Swamp People follows the gator-hunting Cajuns as they boldly battle it out with the ferocious reptile during alligator hunting season. Each Swamp People team must fulfill their tag quota before the season is over.

Swamp People is the leading cable program in its timeslot, attracting over 4 million viewers in the United States.



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Couple meets Swamp People star during hunting season

Swamp People is a reality/documentary TV show that follows the day to day lives of the folks living and working as alligator hunters in the bayou. Swamp People’s third season focuses on the 30-day hunting season in Louisiana.

Alligator-hunting enthusiast Shawn Schuppert went to Southern Louisiana with meeting Swamp People stars in mind. He did, but what happened next is much more than what the couple bargained for.

At first, Shawn Schuppert and his fiancée Lisa Jewell’s alligator hunting trip seemed to be bursting with unfortunate events. The pair had to evacuate their cabin after the Hurricane Isaac wreaked havoc and opened up a sinkhole near their lodging

But their fortune soon changed. The couple bumped into Troy Landry, one of the stars of Swamp People, on the very first day of their expedition. But more than the usual meet and greet with other celebrities, the couple got to experience hunting in the same swamps with nationally famous Swamp People family. They got a lot of opportunities to talk and take pictures with the Swamp People star as their new lodging is just near Duffy’s, the Landry’s family bait shop.

The couple was charmed by the bayou’s hospitality. Jewell, who spent numerous occasions talking to Troy Landry’s mother and brothers, praised the Landry family for being the “nicest people.” The couple also spent time with several communities along the bayou. Schuppert is positive that they never met a rude person in the swamp.

Schuppert said that he would come back on alligator hunting season next year. The experience has made him appreciate and admire Swamp People more.



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