Biography of the alligator

The alligators are composing a different order in the crocodile’s family: the Louisiana crocodiles living in the area of the Cajun people, along with the Mississippi crocodiles and the alligators from China are forming the family of Alligatoridae. The alligators from Mississippi and China are almost extinct, so if you want to learn some more about their fascinating world, you will have to follow the Swamp people documentary. In Louisiana, things are a little different: the alligators benefited from some great conditions in the latest years. Their number increased, and now, alligator hunting is allowed in this part of the world.

the biggest difference between the Cajun alligators and the common crocodiles is the thick head and the arrangement of the teeth. The Swamp people channel are stating that the alligators from the Louisiana area also have other qualities, making it great for alligator hunting.

Unlike a common crocodile, the alligators need less food to survive, and this is why they are also growing slowly. There is no rush as the Cajun people say that some of those crocodiles live for more than 80 years, and this is the double average age than the common crocodile.

The Swamp people are claiming that alligators from Louisiana are able to survive at the temperatures of below 18 degrees Celsius, while a common crocodile is in danger at this temperature. The territories allowed for alligator hunting are South Carolina-to Texas. Those territories include the Cajun area, where the Swamp people lives, and you can find it in the quiet lakes, swamps and in the big rivers.

The best specimens that are suited for alligator hunting are the adult males that can have a length over 6 meters. The alligators have a string body and a powerful tale. Their back is covered with “planks” of bones, and the front members have 5 fingers united by a thin skin.

The Cajun alligators are carnivores. They are feeding with fishes, turtles, snakes, and small animals. The alligator babies are eating insects and small fishes. The < a href=>Swamp peopleare stating that the increasing number of alligators affects other spices. However, it is believed that this is only a method to justify their alligator hunting habits.

During the mating period from the beginning of the month May, the males and the females communicated trough sounds and smells. The female begins to build her nest: she builds a “hill” made out of mud, plants, and dirt. Then, she will deposit 70 eggs here that will be covered with a mix of plants. This “hill” serves as an incubator: the sun rays and the fermenting process of the mud will bring the nest to the high temperatures required.

The alligators don’t have gender chromosomes; therefore, the temperature of the nest decides the sex of each baby alligator. If the temperature goes over 30 degrees, the babies will be preponderantly males. Otherwise, the babies will be females. The egg needs to be incubated for three months. However, the majority of babies would never reach maturity, as they are vulnerable at least in the first year of their lives.

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