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Swamp People is a very popular reality TV show that is being aired on the History Channel. It broadcasted last August 22 of 2010 and since then has taken of and has become one of the most watched reality television shows in the US and worldwide where it is shown. It is a show about a group of Cajuns, an ethnic group living mostly in the state Louisiana, who makes a living hunting and catching alligators in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamps.
Atchafalaya River Basin or Atchafalaya Swamp known as the heartbeat of Cajun Societyislocated in the south central Louisiana. With865,000 acres, this is the largest swamp in the US. This 150 mile body of water is a combination of wetlands and delta river, bayous, bald cypress swamps and marshes which is home to a very large population of American alligators and 54 other species of reptiles and amphibians.
Louisiana’s alligator season kicks off on the first Wednesday of September and lasts about 30 days. This is the most exciting and dangerous time for all season gator hunters in the state. It is also during this time that the show’s Swamp People teams set out and show the world how this challenging and exciting job is done.
Currently the show has had 3 seasons since and most of the original cast members are still on the show although a few of them just joined on board. Hundreds of people try their luck every season to be casted on the show. It seems that the major casts, although unique from each other, have many things in common leaving us wander if these are what made them perfect for the show.
Troy Landry-chosen as Louisiana’s Man of the Year, fame started when a game warden gave his number to an outfit wanting to do a show about alligator hunters in Louisiana. He originally declined to be followed around doing his job but gave in to an agreed 2 days of shoot. This became an offer of for the whole month with all his expense being shouldered by the television outfit. The offer was a perfect timing when alligator hide price plummeted. If all else fail at least Landry and his wife wouldn’t have to worry about the hunting expenses. It didn’t take long for the “Choot ‘em” craze caught on. On his 3rd season with the show, he is still at the top of the game working with his son Jacob Landry.
Cousins Blake McDonald andAustynYoches are the newest members of the show. This two-man team grew up in the swamps and alligator hunting is their lifeblood, so they say. That could have been the reason why these two topped hundreds of hopefuls in landing the spot.
Terral Evans has a unique role on the second season of Swamp People. Instead of hunting alligators, he relocates alligators that are becoming nuisance or threat to the locals and moves them barehanded to the deeper part of the swamp to keep people safe.
Another cast who is known as one of the boys Liz Cavalier, is one of the few lady gator hunters in area.She has been hunting with her father since she was a kid. With her strong personality, this ace shot have no problems keeping up with the demands of the 30-day timeline of alligator season.

Bruce Mitchell, who is very well known as the alligator is also one of the cast members.He goes gator hunting only with his trusty doc named Tyler. This person believes in self-sufficiency and does the job by himself.
On May 14, 2012, an unfortunate event happened to one of the cast. Mitchell Guist died after an accidental fall, leaving his brother Glenn Guist to continue on their family tradition of alligator hunting.
Other casts include RJ Molinere Jr. and his son Jay Paul Molinere, Junior Edwards and his son William Edwards, Trapper Joe LaFont and stepson Lil Trapper Tommy Chauvin, Albert “Butch” Knight, Mike Kliebert and his brother-in-law Bruce Mitchell.
So far, basing on castings from all 3 seasons, there are common denominators among the members. Aside from meeting the show requirement of 50 tags and a license to hunt in Louisiana, they are certified true swampers who live near the alligator and make their living through fishing and alligator hunting. Aside from being part of the Cajun tribe, it has been noticed that the casts are those with strong characters and go-getters, those who do not easily give up. There is quite a joke about auditioning for the show, aside from having all these qualifications; you also need to have that peculiar and unique accent to make the cut. Whatever the formula in casting members is, it sure is working, as the reality show has a very huge number of followers.If you have qualities much like these people, you can have a chance in making it to swamp people season 4.