Who’s on Swamp People Season 2?

Season 2 Swamp People Bios

When the Swamp People Base Camp Management announced the cast of season two, fans all over were ecstatic and excited to watch the new challenges that the cast will have to face in the bayou. Original casts Troy Landry and son Jacob Landry, with Bruce Mitchell, Terral Evans, R. J. and Jay Paul Moliner are this season’s mainstay much to the delight of the viewers.
Swamp People is a popular reality television show showcasing the hunting skills and abilities of these Louisiana natives  in the one million acre of flooded forest, bayous and marshlands of Atchafalaya Basinin south central Louisiana. Off-season, these people fish and harvest crawfish, shrimps and crabs but during the 30 day alligator hunting season, these guys shift to a more serious business. Alligator hunting remains Louisiana’s major source of livelihood. Alligator hide and meat can bring in huge cash to these hunters and History TV follows then around in this 30 day period giving us fast paced and exciting reality television show that is considered as the best reality show ever for many viewers.
Season 2 broke the season 1 record with an average of 4.1 million total viewers, which was a full 32% increase from the first season. Aside from the concept of the show, the cast has to be a very big factor towards the success of this reality show.
This seasons’ swampland conquerors include the quintessential Cajun legend Troy Landry, still on the show with his son Jacob Landry. They work hand in hand in catching their share of the swamps golden prize. Troy is one of the most popular casts of Swamp People with his famous “Choot ‘em” tagline and his equally interesting accent. He definitely brings life to the show especially with his cookouts and parties when not working.
There is also the 6’4” gentle giant Terral Evans who calls Honey Island Swamp, one of the most pristine swampland habitats, as his home. Born and bred Louisiana Man through and through who reaps the bounty of the swamps as how his grandfather and father did long before he was born.
Bruce Mitchell who runs the Kliebert Turtle & Alligator Farm is known for his zero wastage attitude. He hunts and sells alligator meat to his various customers and likes to go scour the alligator zone by himself except for his buddy Tyler, his pet dog.
New addition R.J. Molinere Jr. from Houma Louisiana is a famous arm wrestler at 154 lbs. In fact, he has won several competitions. 11 times National Champion and fourtimesWorld Champion World Wrestlerare just a couple of his arm wrestling bragging rights. This strength definitely comes in handy when wrestling alligators in the swamps. The Native American who has a strong and masculine façade is actually soft at heart when it comes to his family and faith in God.
Jay Paul Molinere may seem like he is set to live in the shadows of his famous father R. J., however, he has actually proven that he is a champion in his own rights. An undefeated MMA fighter and Boxing champion, this Swamp People member is a great family man, something that he learned from his father. This one man knows how to honor family traditions is a great addition to the show being a good example to the viewers.
The Swamp People Season 2, just the like first season offers a fresh serving to the viewers dose of television shows. It shows how people in the swamps of the America’s last frontier strive to make a living and helping keep the number of population of the American alligator controlled. If left unchecked, their number could be detrimental to the balance of nature in this part of the US and that is the reason why there is a thirty-day hunting period allowed in the swamps of Atchafalaya.
Not only does the show give viewers exciting and unpredictable show each time, it shows and enlightens people about a culture of the Cajuns and the natives of Louisiana making the show educational and entertaining at the same time. A worthwhile reality show that gives us a glimpse of the otherwise unfamiliar lifestyle and culture makes people hooked and addicted.
The casts who are unique from one another with their eccentricity, temperament, moody, happy, boisterous and competitive nature makes each episode packed with energy and unexpected twists and turns. Although the cast can at times use strong language, the viewers still appreciate how they remain genuine despite the success of the show. To the cast of Swamp People season 2 no matter how popular they have become, they are just doing their job earning a living for their family the way their ancestors did.