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To even ask a person if he has heard about Swamp People looks ridiculous today. This is the name of the now very popular reality TV series telecast on History Channel that is completing its 2nd season and already the producers are busy casting for Swamp People Season 3. This is one show that is based upon alligator hunting and day to day lives of swamp people in the marshy lands of Louisiana in US. The craze of those who love adventure and thrilling outdoor activities including gator hunting which is an integral part of the show has to be seen to be believed. There are people who express their love and support for the serial in many ways. One of these ways is to wear Swamp People Shirts with witty lines printed on them. These are the same lines made popular by cast and crew of the serial.

There was a time not so long ago when authorities were concerned with the dwindling population of the alligator. They had to ask the Cajuns (the local swamp people) to stop gator hunting for a while. Cajuns, who have been earning a living hunting alligators, gracefully accepted the pleas of the authorities with the result that the gator numbers swelled back to normal. Louisiana administration issued licenses to those who were interested in hunting alligators. Some of these were casual hunters but some were those who made a decent living out of this adventurous activity in a month long season.

The issuing of licenses by the authorities to people from the state as well as from other states of the country was something that struck Dolores Gavin who developed it into a reality TV series. Thus came into existence Swamp People History Channel that touched new heights of popularity in its very first season in 2010. However, if you are a vegetarian or one who loves animals believing they should not be hurt for any reason whatsoever, Swamp People is not a show meant for you.

For such people, it is enough to tell that if left along, the population boom of alligators would result in an imbalance of the ecosystem of the swamp are which could be equally dangerous for the people and other species living in the swamps.

If you have been excited to see what happens out there in the swamps and have a desire to become a part of the show, there is a good chance for you to be cast into Swamp People Season 3 as the producers are looking for fresh faces from among the population and visiting major cities of the country as part of a talent hunt. So if you have a license to hunt alligators from your state authorities and wish to make a mark for yourself being a part of this stupendous show, just keep track of the date and time for the auditions in a place near you to take part in the auditions. And yes, do not forget to don your own Swamp People Shirt.

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